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Advocate Rabindra Ghosh Reports Increased Abductions of Minorities and Forced Conversions in Bangladesh By Advocate Rabindra Ghosh and Zemira Eli Natan

Zemira Eli NatanExecutive Director
International Unity for Freedom and Equality 

Numerous Minorites Write to Advocate Rabindra Ghosh of Bangladesh Minority Watch to Lodge Complaint Of Increased Abductions and Forced Conversion in Bangladesh

Photo Courtesy of Advocate Rabindra Ghosh


Advocate Rabindra Ghosh has contacted me just this morning with alarming news.  Minorities in Bangladesh are suffering  increased abductions and forced conversions particularly of Hindus in Bangladesh.  This form of ethnic cleansing is occurring globally where Hindus reside in Muslim Countries and also in regions heavily populated by Muslims.  Advocate Rabindra Ghosh has made an appeal to spread the awareness regarding  this very dangerous situation that is causing Hindus to suffer needless humiliation, destruction of their communities and a threat to their very lives!  No one should ever be forced to convert to any religion that is not his own!  Complaints must be registered and shared with the International community for immediate action to end these atrocities at once!  Hindus have endured too much over the centuries as well as my own Jewish people.  This kind of destruction cannot be restored!  Action is required to ensure the safety of those vulnerable to such violation of the very spirit of humanity!  Advocate Rabindra Ghosh  needs every support for his very important work to protect Hindus in increasingly dangerous situations!  The people will no longer tolerate ethnic cleansing, destruction of Holy Shrines, Forced marriages and Forced conversions to Islam!  Every case will be shared with International Civil Liberties Alliances, and International Human Rights Organization, Journalists and Activists who will fight to stop this from ever happening again!  Jews and Hindus share a common history of Ethnic cleansing!  It is long overdue that these crimes against humanity stop!  IUFE DEMANDS JUSTICE FOR THE VICTIMS OF ABDUCTIONS, FORCED MARRIAGES AND FORCED CONVERSIONS TO ISLAM!  The International Community is put on Notice!  Spread the word and help stop crimes against humanity from reoccurring!  Bring tangible assistance to communities that have been routinely destroyed by Muslims who refuse to live with others in Peace!  May this be a course of action for all who are victims of racism, religious intolerance, incitement to violence and attacks on religious minorities!  Thank you to all advocates, activists, educators and journalists who willingly go to battle for the sake of Humanity!

Mr. Toma Joydhar (11 years 8 months) Minority Hindu children kidnapped on 02.12.14 from Bara Basail of Agoiljhara Upazila of Barisal District for forceful conversion to Islam. BDMW helped rescue the victim and arresting perpetrator on 13.12.14.

(The daily “Jugantor” dated 8th December, 2014)

Country: Bangladesh
Act: Right to personal Integrity
Crime: Abduction of Children
Name of the victim: Ms. Toma Joydhar
Age of the victim    : 11 years 8 months,
Name of the Father:   Kanai Lal Joydhar. (55)
Name of the Mother:  Ms. Sarala Joydhar  (35)
Date of occurrence   : 2nd of December, 2014 at about 11 a.m.
Place of occurrence:  Near Bara Basail High School at Agoiljahara Upazila of Barisal District.
Religion                     : Hindu
Name of the perpetrator: 1) Mohammad Jashim Gharami.
                                                2) Mohammad Akash gharami , all sons of Motleb Gharami.
Date of investigation: 8th to 14th December, 2014.
GHRD Contact Person:  Ms. Nazli Tuncay.

Facts in Brief: -

The victim Ms.Toma Joydhar, the student of Class Seven, who  happened to be within her  Bara Basail High School appearing for examination; but on 02.12.2014 at about 11 a.m. one unidentified person introduced himself as one of  the friends of  victim’s family  that her maternal uncle was waiting for her outside the school; Ms. Toma went out from the school gate for searching her relatives on good faith, but the perpetrators all on a sudden compelled her to board the motor bike and fled away with the victim from the place of occurrence within a twinkle of an eye.  Thereafter the news of kidnapping has been published in the national daily “ Jugantor” on 8th Dec,14 and other media dated 5th of December,14.

Investigation: -

As per verbal request of victim’s family I, on behalf of BDMW communicated with Md. Sajjad Hossain- Officer in Charge of Agoiljhara Police station at Barisal over cell phone who did not confirm the news of abduction as he said no person on behalf of victim family came to lodge any First information report before his police station.
I also contacted with victim’s family (Ms. Bina Joydhar (17)- Cell number -01781251784 elder sisters of victim) over phone she cried and seek our help for rescue of their minor sister from the forceful possession of Mohammad Jashim Gharami of Madaripur District.  They also helped providing me the cell number of the local UP Chairman and also requested us in writing to take appropriate measures to rescue their minor victim. I accordingly again contacted with Officer in Charge of Agoiljhara Police station, Local Chairman of the Union Parishad & requested him to take cognizance of the case and take necessary steps to arrest the perpetrator and to rescue the victim girl. O.C. promised me to recover the victim after filing the case against kidnapper.
Accordingly Md. Sajjad Hossain-Officer in Charge very shortly arrested the perpetrator and rescued the victim and took necessary steps to forward the perpetrator as well as the victim in the court of law as per law to ascertain the age of the victim girl. In the meantime necessary medical examination of the victim is going to be completed.


Police took action against the perpetrator after accepting F.I.R. from the mother of the victim as per our request for taking necessary steps for recovery of the victim. ( Agoiljhara PS. Case No. 04/111 dated 12.12.2014 under section 7/30 Women and Children Repression Act,2003)  They arrested the perpetrator on 13.12.14from Madaripur District and rescued the victim on the same night. I, talked with Md. Akkas Ali –Sub Inspector of Police who informed that  perpetrator has been sent to jail custody and the victim has been sent for medical examination at Barisal District today (14.12.14)  


Bangladesh Minority Watch demand:-

a)      That the minor victim should be handed over to the father and mother as per law.
b)      That the perpetrators should be brought to book as per law of the land
c)       That there should not be any discrimination against Minorities of Bangladesh.
d)      The minority victim should be protected from forceful conversion by using dubious mechanism swearing affidavit or other method.
e)      The Police officers responsible for tracing out the victim as per our request should be rewarded. 
Media and Newspapers: The Daily Jugantor dated 05.12.2014,

Through :
Adv. Rabindra Ghosh
Founder President- Bangladesh Minority Watch and
Observer, Global Human Rights Defense (GHRD)
12, K.M. Das Lane, Tikatully, Bholagiri Trust, Sutrapur P.S.,Dhaka, Bangladesh

Zemira Eli Natan
Executive Director 
International Unity for Freedom and Equality

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