Friday, December 26, 2014

The Unjust Detention of Kamran Simon Saif By: Zemira Eli Natan

Zemira Eli Natan
Executive Director
International Unity for Freedom and Equality

Kamran Simon Saif with Esther Kramer
Kamran Simon Saif
A Pakistani Christian in Detention

Many of our friends within our coalition are very familiar with Kamran Simon Saif, a Pakistani Christian who has been detained at Rotterdam in the Netherlands  for not  carrying proper identification with him while crossing the border.  After he spent many months detained in the company of potentially dangerous detainees in Rotterdam, his case remained unheard at the IND.  His advocate submitted more than enough evidence  to the IND as  pertaining to his true identity.  They detained him for months even after submitting that proof!  He is now being transported from Rotterdam to Amsterdam!  This is a two hour journey from the home of Esther  Kramer his beloved friend and companion.  She works tirelessly to visit him regularly to ensure that he is in good health during his detention and to be his hope and his strength.  Her daily work  in publicizing his detention  and also her sacrifice to save him from the humiliation and danger of being deported back to Pakistan, a land where killing a religious minority  is done without remorse , especially a Christian is beyond what many who have the ability to are doing to keep him free from detention and deportation.  His case is not a difficult one.  It has been proven time and again.  Yet, the IND is still not satisfied!  An effort  was made to submit papers to members of the European Court to demand that Kamran Simon Saif be set free.  The advocate handling his case refused to return calls and refused to release his file so that a proper defense could be prepared for Kamran.  The lack of response from church leaders is shocking that this young man is not so much a concern that they could actually allow him to be deported back to a land where his entire family has a fatwa against them.  Where is the logic , the sanity , the justice and the reason behind releasing Muslims who destroy, rape, and insist on violating the rights of people in Europe while demanding their own rights?  IUFE was shocked to learn that Simon was being moved so quickly and also that his access by phone is being denied to him!  The Link below  is the location that Kamran Simon Saif is being detained:

  They are transporting him as this article is being written.  I ask the International community to make contacts with leaders who can press the IND to release Kamran into the care of Esther Kramer who is his life companion and trusted helper.  To allow him to be deported back to Pakistan would mean the end of his life for certain!  This case will be shared with Civil Liberties Alliances and Human Rights Organizations to demand Kamran Simon Saif's immediate release!  This detention is not unlike what occurred in the Holocaust where detention was common for those the Nazis termed as criminals!  To see that something like this is currently acceptable by the IND is shocking!  Especially since that history was  told to everyone as "NEVER AGAIN" .  It cannot happen ever again!  This gifted, talented young author whose poems and music that many of us cherish,  is not a candidate for detention!  It cannot be accepted that such a person is detained while Muslims who actively commit serious crimes in the Netherlands walk free!  Never can we accept it!  Nor shall we accept it! The demand  is very clear!  Release Kamran Simon Saif!  Grant him asylum in Netherlands!  He must have access to the outside world by phone and by Internet!  It cannot be accepted that he is cut off from his community who love him and cherish his friendship.

Zemira Eli Natan
Executive Director
International Unity for Equality

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