Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Advocate Rabindra Ghosh Issues An Urgent Appeal Against The Threat of Ethnic Cleansing in Bangladesh By: Zemira Eli Natan and Advocate Rabindra Ghosh

Zemira Eli Natan
Executive Director
International Unity for Freedom and Equality


Advocate Rabindra Ghosh  of Bangladesh Minority watch has posted numerous cases illustrating the lack of intervention conduction by the police in Bangladesh.  These cases involve serious harassment of Hindu and other minority communities .  Advocate Rabindra
Ghosh and his staff have had attempts taken on their lives as they investigate these matters thoroughly and expose the perpetrators of various crimes including rape and abduction of women, destruction and looting of  villages, and destruction of Holy shrines.  The medias are silent and there is no law enforcement available to enforce the laws that protect these communities from harm.  Below is Advocate Rabindra Ghosh direct statement concerning this very viable threat

"Bangladesh Minority Watch is very much concerned with the continued threat by the police department during our fact finding in different parts of Bangladesh.  We had met and spoken with the Minister for Home Affairs, Mr. H.T. Imam- Political Adviser to Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Apart from this we also informed Dr.Mizanur Rahman- Chairman-National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh. But no remedial measures taken by them for protection of Human Rights defenders for Minority Rights.

We need urgent action against police officers responsible for threat and intimidation during fact finding in different parts of Bangladesh."

-----Advocate Rabindra Ghosh-----
Our discussion did not conclude here.  I was able to share my experience in Kokrajhur Assam and explained how there is no police or government intervention to address the influx of Muslims entering into India and grabbing land from Hindus whenever and wherever it suits them.  Advocate Rabindra Ghosh gives the following explanation as to events currently occurring and others that are ongoing problems:

"Every day we are facing problem with police authority, perpetrators those are kidnapping Hindu girls, forcefully occupying our lands, frequent abduction of Hindu girls with rape incidents are common in Bangladesh. Police is very much negligent on this matter.

I need to do something for the protection of rights of minorities of Bangladesh as those minorities of Bangladesh is going to be ethnically cleansed.

Intervention is necessary for the protection of rights of minorities of Bangladesh. You know that since 2001 to 2015 we are being harassed by the law enforcing agencies, lawyers, law makers, MP and other perpetrators in different times, Despite all we did not leave our country Bangladesh, as we love Bangladesh well."

As you can see  these issues have been occurring in Bangladesh for fourteen years and nothing has changed.   Issues such as these are also occurring in India.  Bangladeshi Muslims are entering the country  to escape justice and avoid further trouble in Bangladesh while, at the same time, causing havoc in India.  The response of Law Enforcement is deplorable! The medias refuse to broadcast the news for fear of escalating political issues and government censorship which is now occurring in the region on a wide scale.

At this time and for all occurring incidents  our Advocates and their staff, international delegations and Minority leaders are asking for TANGIBLE assistance for these victims.  There are thousands of families devastated by these crimes against humanity.  The correct action to take is first to bring these incidents to the public and bring awareness to the International Community, second to bring these issues to the attention to the medias and continue to contact them  to encourage proper and honest media coverage of these incidents, third  to contact international human rights organizations and follow up with causes to bring tangible assistance to the victims and their families.  Writing correspondence to government officials as a group  with numerous signatures can help pressure the government and the law enforcement agencies who refuse to enforce laws that protect minorities against these crimes against humanity.  These crimes violate numerous articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations.  I have posted my report of my visit to two of five refugee camps whose victims claim are being attacked on! one side by Baptist Christian Missionaries who are armed and Muslims from Bangladesh on the other side.    These people cannot be ethnically cleansed!  The International Community cannot stand for it!  Action is the key and IUFE demands action on the part of all who take the time to read this.  Action can include sharing, contacting, and exposing.  Everyone can do their part to help.  Please take decisive action for the sake of humanity.

Zemira Eli Natan
Executive Director
International Unity for Freedom and Equality

Advocate Rabindra Ghosh
Bangladesh Minority Watch