Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Advocate Veerji Kolhi Investigates Murder of Three in Nagarparkar By Zemira Eli Natan and Advocate Veerji Kolhi

Zemira Eli Natan
Executive Director
International Unity for Freedom and Equality

For the first time in the history of Nagarparkar a murder of the the most heinous kind has taken place.  The murder took place in Wadari Village, Nagarparkar  where three victims  were murdered  in cold blood.  An elderly couple and their son were resting in  their sleeping cots when they were brutally murdered in the middle of the night as they and other villagers were sleeping.  No one in the village was able to tell Advocate Veerji Kolhi who the perpetrator of this murder was.  There was great fear to reveal any  details.  Advocate Veerji Kolhi returned to the village many times to assist investigators and question the villages to glean any information on the killers.  The  problem with this investigation  is that after a cast  was  taken of the perpetrators footprints  no one seemed to be able to identify the killers.  Twenty  six suspects were arrested in this case  and all twenty six of them went free.  Advocate  Veerji Kolhi did not stop here.  When a team of forensic special investigators brought a dog team to locate the killer, the dogs returned to the same hut twice. The police refused to bring  the suspects living there into custody. The perpetrator was among the 26 suspects released  from police custody.  The  very dangerous  issue in this case is that the court closed the investigation.  I advised Advocate Veerji Kolhi  to ask the court to reopen the investigation.   According to the Final Report document  issued by the Superintendent of Police Tharparkar for the cancellation of FIR dated 4/20/2015   so ordered by the Nagarparkar Judicial Magistrate, the police are still responsible to continue their efforts to the best of their ability to locate and arrest the perpetrator of this horrific crime despite the fact that the investigation was closed.    Advocate Veerji Kolhi fully intends to ensure the cooperation of the police in this matter.  Two  of the victims of this horrible crime  were senior citizens age  75  Male  and  Female  age 65.  The son was  just  a teenager about 14- 16  years  of age.  This was extremely  painful  for the indigenous people of this land because they have never lived in fear that something like this could ever happen.  Despite abductions,  they felt that murder could never be an issue.  Increasing violent crimes are happening in Sindh which was once a place of relative peace for all people.  Now it has become a place where innocent people are regularly targeted just because they have different religious beliefs.  For the safety of the victims and their families Advocate Veerji  Kolhi has not released the names of the victims.  The people are very concerned that since the perpetrator is still at large, there might be a chance that a repeat crime could occur. IUFE  demands  that the perpetrator be brought  to justice  immediately  with penalty of the full extent of the law.  Such a crime  is punishible by death and this is what these villagers rightfully are demanding!  Their protest is strong  and should be heard by all human rights organizations,  the presiding court and law enforcement agencies in Sindh to render proper justice to the indigenous people of the land .  Thank  you Advocate Veerji Kolhi for your briefing on this case  and standing with you  to continue to demand justice for the villagers in Wadari Village, Nagarparkar.

What can  we say this case is all about?  Clearly  it is an effort by those wishing to threaten any resistance to control of those politicians who want to keep their stronghold in this region.  Advocate Veerji Kolhi was requested to surrender his political  and social intervention which is the sole protection of the people living in these villages.  We cannot allow  10,000 years of indigenous  people's  legacy to be destroyed under this kind of pressure.  Advocate Veerji Kolhi cannot leave his people vulnerable to being forced from their indigenous homeland  by  Zandibars and Politicians
who deny these people their right to live peacefully and safe from such violent crimes.

We as an international coalition cannot allow them  to force their hand.  We  must all stand in unity to support Advocate Veerji Kolhi in his continuous and brave efforts to protect his people from harm.  We ask that International Human Rights organizations be contacted to ensure the protection of the indigenous people of Sindh and protection for the Advocates who defend them.

Zemira Eli Natan
Executive Director
International Unity for Freedom and Equality

Advocate Veerji Kolhi
National Human Rights Convenor Pakistan
International Director 
 International Unity For Freedom and Equality
"It is the first time in the history of this region that a murder was ever committed.

There have been many abductions but never has there ever been a murder committed here."

----Advocate Veerji Kolhi----

All Photos Courtesy  of Advocate Veerji Kolhi and are Copyrighted Material

3 People  Murdered in Nagarparkar
Meeting  for Solution
Advocate Veerji Kolhi is Briefed by  Chief Investigator Mohammad Khoso  
Advocate Veerji Kolhi Discusses  Equal Rights
3 Murdered Victims in Nagarparkar

Protest  on 3  Murdered  in NagarParkar
Advocate  Veerji Kolhi meets with community leaders to find out more about perpetrators
Crime Scene  in Wadari Village

Bloodstained  sleeping cots  where victims  last  rested
Crime Scene  Wadari Village

Advocate Veerji Kolhi Assures Villagers that the  Killers will be Found

Meeting at Wadari Villiage with Advocate Veerji Kolhi and Abass Khoss
Start of Investigation

Grieving Family of Victims
Crime Scene Wadari Village Left Intact

Close up of Bloodstained Cot
Crime Scene Wadari Village

Cancellation of FIR
26 Suspects Freed by  Court Order Judicial Magistrate Nagarparkar
Among them was the Perpetrator

Villagers Gather to Remember the Victims
Advocate Veerji Kolhi