Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Advocate Rabindra Ghosh Threatened By S. P. Lalmonirhat By Advocate Rabindra Ghosh

Zemira Eli Natan
Executive Director
International Unity for Freedom and Equality


Adv. Rabindra Ghosh of Bangladesh Minority Watch is again threatened
by S.P.Lalmonirhat District on 14.07.2014 in Bangladesh:

Cause of Intimidation by T.M. Mozahidul Islam- S.P. Lalmonirhat.

Only yesterday on 14th July, 2014 while I wanted to know from S.P.
Lalmonirhat the recent attack on 13th July, 2014 upon Hindu Minorities
at Patgram Upazila of Lalmonirhat District (news published in the
Daily Star dated 14th July, 14) and also abduction, rape and forceful
conversion to Islam of minor Hindu girl – Ms. Pinky Roy (11 years 9
months) at Aditmari Upazila of Lalmorhat District reported in daily
news papers. During our discussion over cell phone No. +01713373941
with Mr.   T.M. Mozahidul Islam, Superintendent if Police on the spur
of moment started to rebuke me with filthy languages being religiously
motivated saying   “Do you recollect the incident at Chandpur District
while I tried to arrest you for your illegal activities filming photo
and video of the victims relating to land grabbing case while I was
the Additional Superintendent of Police, Chandpur” I politely replied
that “You have done a good work trying to arrest me for a good cause.
He started threaten me not to disturb him any more for any human
rights issues in his jurisdiction. He also continue to say “Why you
are not going to Israel to fight against them to show your human
rights activities there as Israeli soldiers are murdering innocent
Muslims in Jerusalem”

Previously also T.M. Mozahidul Islam, while he was Additional
Superintendent of Police, posted at Chandpur District in the year,
2010 he also tried to snatch away our video camera and put our camera
man confined in a room most illegally to suppress the violations of
religious rights on Hindu Temple situated at South Motlab Upazila of
Chandpur District.


Bangladesh Minority Watch is very much concerned about this continuous
threatening of T.M. Mozahidul Islam, Superintend of
Police,Lalmonirhat. He should be asked why his conduct toward Human
Rights defender will not be rectified and why she will be held
responsible for threatening Advocate Rabindra Ghosh of BDMW in
Bangladesh without taking any action against the perpetrators of crime
committed at Patgram Upazila and Aditmari Upazila on minority
communities provoking previous act of misbehavior done earlier by him
at Chandpur District.

I contacted with the Inspector-General of Police –Bangladesh over his
cell number  but he was not responding at that time.

In the meantime I also communicated with the D.I.G of Police, Rangpur
Range over his telephone number 01713374640 and complained him about
the misbehavior committed by T.M. Mozahidul Islam,S.P.

I also tried to contact with Prof. Dr. Mizanur Rahaman –Chairman of
National Human Rights Commission over his cell number, but his mobile
was switched off.

I, Advocate Rabindra Ghosh, during my ground zero work, am being
harassed by police officers, Advocates, perpetrators in many times
since 2002 and since then it is continuing.

URGENT ACTION is solicited.

With best regards,

Rabindra Ghosh
Founder President-Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW)
12, K.M. Das Lane, Wari P.S.,Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Phone :+ 01711172468

Zemira Eli Natan
Executive Director
International Unity for Freedom and Equality

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