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Advocate Rabindra Ghosh Bangladesh Minority Watch Special Victims Case Report By : Advocate Rabindra Ghosh

Zemira Eli Natan
Executive Director
International Unity for Freedom and Equality

To Advocate Rabindra Ghosh and Bangladesh Minority Watch 

IUFE Salutes you all in your efforts to stop gang rape and protect women from forced conversions and the brutal crimes committed against them!  Without you these women would have no way to get help after these heinous crimes are committed!  Thank you for making it your duty to protect the Hindu Communities of Bangladesh

Zemira Eli Natan
Executive Director
International Unity for Freedom and Equality

Bangladesh Minority Watch Special Victims  CaseReport

Ms. Annaya Sarkar (14) a Hindu School Girl rescued from forceful conversion to Islam on 07.06.2014 with the assistance of Bangladesh Minority Watch.

Name of the victim: Ms. Annaya Sarkar
Age of the victim: 17 years.
Name of the father: Adaita Sarkar
Name of the mother: Ms. Anita Sarkar
Permanent address:  village – Shashikar, P.s. Dasher, District –Madaripur. Bangladesh.
Date of occurrence (kidnapping)  and place of occurrence :03.05.2014 at New Bus Stand near Grameen Tower Phone-Madaripur Sadar, district- Madaripur.
Name of the perpetrators: Mohammad Rana (20) son of Abdul Hoque of Kallayanpur, P.s. Darussalam, district-Dhaka and unidentified three perpetrators.
Date of recovery of victim : 07.06.2014
Case filed : F.I.R. being Madaripur  P.S. case No.24 dated 10.05.14 under section 7/30 of Women and Children Repression Act, 2003.

Facts of the case: -

Ms. Annaya Sarkar (17) is only daughter of her parents studying Class X as student at Juliokuri High School at Madaripur district.  The perpetrator Mohammad Rana used to tease Ms. Annaya every now and then from his mobile number -01914876934 to Mobile number 01952791453 belonging to Ms.Annaya. On the date of occurrence on 03.05.2014 while Ms.Annaya went to sit for examination on the way she was kidnapped by Mohammad Rana and others at about 12.45 minutes by a micro bus and decamped.  Father of the victim – Adaita Sarkar lodged first information report (FIR) at Madaripur Sadar police station for her rescue and BDMW was also informed about the news of kidnapping.  As soon as we have been given to understand by the local people that the victim Hindu girl would be rendered forceful conversion to Muslim, we approached the local government and local police officers to rescue the victim girl.  I had already taken initiative to recover the girl and to arrest the perpetrators.

Mobarak Hussain – Sub Inspector of Police took initiative tracking the mobile number of the concerned perpetrators and recovered the victim girl from Dhaka on 07.06.2014, but the perpetrator has not yet been arrested.

Bangladesh Minority Watch is very much happy with the local police for tracing out the victim girl and very much unhappy as the perpetrators have not yet been arrested. Md. Mofazzel Hussain, Officer in Charge of Madaripur Police station handed over a copy of F.I.R. being case No.24 dated 10.05.14 under section 7/30 of Women and Children Repression Act, 2003.

Bangladesh Minority Watch is deeply concerned about frequent abduction and kidnapping of minority girl from different locations of Bangladesh and we demand immediate arrest of the perpetrators responsible for forceful marriage, trafficking, conversion by way allurement or by inducement.
With best regards,

Rabindra Ghosh
President-Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW)
12, K.M. Das Lane, Tikatully, Wari P.S.,Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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