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Cases Advocate Rabindra Ghosh-The Sexual Assault of Ms. Shilpi Rani Biswas By Advocate Rabindra Ghosh Bangladesh Minority Watch

Ms. Shilpi Rani Biswas – Minority Hindu School Girl (15) sexually  assaulted by Muslim perpetrators on 06.07.2014 at Ullapara Upazila of Serajgonj district in Bangladesh ( The daily Jugantor dated 8th July,14)

Bangladesh Minority Watch received  information  that a minority school girl aged about 14 years had been sexually assaulted on 6th July,14 and we also came to know that the victim feeling shy to explain her ordeal as she has been traumatized.
Name of the Victim: Ms. Shilpi Rani Biswas
Age of the girl           : 14 years
Name of the mother: Ms. Adhuri Rani Biswas (35)
Name of the father    : Chitta Ranjan Biswas (45) @ Fatick.
Date of occurrence    : 06.07.14 at about 04.30 p.m.
Religion of the victim :  Hindu (Sanatan)
Place of occurrence   : Near Krishakgonj – Konabari Sarak, Ullapara Upazila of Serajgonj district.
Permanent Address of the Victim:  Konabari –Salap Union within Ullapara Upazila of serajgonj district.
Names of perpetrators: 1) Ashraful  (22) son of Mozzammel Hossain,
                                            2) Sabus (25) son of Abdul Pramanik  within sreebari Union of Ullapara,
Case number : Ullapara P.S. Case No. 7 dated 07.07.2014 under section 9(4)(kha)/30 of Women and Children Repression Act, 2002 has been lodged.

Facts of the Case:

Ms. Shilpi Rani Biswas is a student of Class X of Salap High School, on 06.07.2014 at about 4.30 p.m. while the victim was coming from her school towards her home on the way she was intercepted by those two Muslim perpetrators and dragged her within a country-made factory (chalkal) opened her wearing clothes without her consent started to take initiative to sexually abuse, but the victim cried loudly and as a result some nearby witnesses came and saw the screaming and in the meantime the perpetrators fled away. The victim was taken to her home and she described the scenario of the perpetrators to her parents.
Ms. Adhuri Rani Biswas – mother of the victim lodged F.I.R. at Ullapara police station on 07.07.2014 (Being Ullapara P.S. Case No. 7 dated 07.07.2014 under section 9(4)(kha)/30 of Women and Children Repression Act, 2002)

Action taken:

I, on behalf of BDMW communicated with Mr.S.M. Emran Hossain- Superintendent of Police-Serajgonj and Mr. Nuruzzaman- Second officer of Ullapara Police station over their mobile number 01713374030 and 01713384040 they confirmed us that specific case has been started against those perpetrators, but they could not arrest those perpetrators due to absconding.
I also communicated with the father and mother of the victim who also given me to understand that they are in panic as those perpetrators are threatening to withdraw the case; but the police officers of respective police station did not agree with the statements of the victim’s father and mother.  The victim is now under medical enquiry at the Hospital. I could not talk with the victim as she does not carry any mobile phone.
Bangladesh Minority watch has decided to investigate the matter at the spot at Ullapara,Serajgonj very soon.

Recommendations: -

Bangladesh Minority Watch is very much concerned about the sexual assault on minority School girl and we demand
1)      immediate arrest of the perpetrators responsible for sexual assault;
2)      investigate the matter by a judicial Officer not less than a District and Sessions Judge;
3)      Punish the perpetrators as per law;
4)      The traumatized victim should be given proper medical treatment and the compensation should be paid to the victim’s family.
5)      Perfunctory investigation by the police should be carefully monitored.
6)      The state should protect minorities as per International protocol to get proper justice.

Adv. Rabindra Ghosh
Founder President-Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW)
12, K.M. Das Lane, Tikatully, Wari P.S.,Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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