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Advocate Rabindra Ghosh New Update Current Cases Bangladesh Minority Watch By : Advocate Rabindra Ghosh

Advocate Rabindra Ghosh
Bangladesh Minority Watch
Leading Protest for Justice for Crimes Against Hindus in Bangladesh

Photo Courtesy of Advocate Rabindra Ghosh

Country: Bangladesh
Type of Violation: Gang rape and obstruction to get education
Acts: Right to Integrity, right to education.
Investigation conducted by: Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW)
1. Identity of the victim(s):
Name: 1) Ms.Devi Dey
Age at time of event: 17 years.
Under 18: Yes
Citizenship: Bangladesh
Religion: Hindu
Ethnicity: Religious minority
Home address: Village: Banigram, P.S. Banskhali, District: Chittagong, B.Desh
Consent given: Yes
2. Date and place of event:
Date: 10.06.2014 at about 11 a.m.
Location: Western Side of Banskhali Degree College (forest) in the garden of Md.Zahangir
Date of Investigation: 28.06.2014
3. Alleged perpetrator(s):
1)Md. A.R. Khan (20) son of Late Dulal Meah village-Adarsha Gram (Jangal Gunagari)2) Mohammad Liton (21) son of Saber of village Hatiya para,Kalipur, 3) Mohammad Anisur Rahaman @Manik (20) son of late Saber Ahmed of village Hajeegaon, 4) Mohammad Belal son of not known, 5) Not identifiled (but will be recognized when he will be produded, All of Banskhali Upazila of Chittaong District:

Investigation :
I, Adv.Rabindra Ghosh along with Biplob Kumar Mohanta of BDMW visited the spot in the morning on 28.06.2014, met with the victim, victim’s father and mother, took statements of victims at her present location at Banigram, we also interrogated witnesses available at the time of our investigation 1) Gopal Bhattacharjee (55) son of late Nihar Ranjan Bhattachrjee, 2) Ashoke Chowdhury (52) son of Ranjan Chowdhury, 3) Shib Charan Dey (65) son of Dhirendra Lal Dey, 4) Ms. Runu Dey (50) 5) Shudhangsu Dey (55) 6) Ms. Minu Dey (48)
• Police arrested one perpetrator name: Iyar Khan.
• Police did not take any cognizance after the occurrence, although police came to know from reliable sources that a Hindu girl was gang rapped.
• Md. Quamrul Hassan office in charge of Banshkhali, Police Station, misbehaved with the human rights defender during the investigation. He wanted to suppress
material facts which are relevant for the determination of the case. Due to non cooperation of police authority, the victim may not get any proper justice.
1. 5. Case Summary: Ms. Devi Dey (17) is an adolescent Hindu girl studying Banshkhali Degree College 2nd year. Some of the perpetrators namely- Md. I.R Khan, Md. Liton(21), Md. Anisur Rahman@Manik, Md Belal used to disturb her since long soon after her admission in the college. On 10/06/2014 at about 11am while she was in the class room, she was called by her class mate Md Anisur Rahman @ Manik with ill intention called and brought her in the nearest forest which is one and half kilometre away from the college. She became astonished finding more three perpetrators were waiting for sexual harassment. As soon as she refused to allow sexual abuse other accused Md I.R Khan, Md Liton, Md Belal forced her to allow in sexual intercourse. Two perpetrators fell her down in the ground and started to rape one after another and other two accused took the scenery of the rape through their mobile phone. The victim tried to rescue herself from the clutches of the forceful intercourse and screaming but she was prevented from doing this as her mouth was tied up by her wearing clothes. She was also forbidden not to disclose the scenario to other people including police, otherwise she will be killed. There after the victim was taken to her home and she took medical treatment P.S.T.C Clinic at Panchlaish, Chittagong. The victim did not disclose this matter due to shyness and for security but the destitute legal guardian realised that this scenario happened by the Muslim perpetrators. Soon after she came to senses Mr. Ramprasad Dey- elder brother of the victim lodged First Information Report (FIR) to nearest Banshkhali Police Station describing the facts(Banshkhali PS Case number 22, 22/06/2014 Under section 9(3)/30 of Women and Children repression act 2003, read with section57(2) of Information and communication Technology Act, 2006). Thereafter police tried to recover the memory card of the Mobile phone from the Principal of the College and found that the scenario of the gang rape has been detected. Police also arrested one of the accused A.R Khan on 23/06/2014 and co-accused was absconding. In the mean while the principal of Banshkhali Degree College had directed the victim not to attend classes and rebuked her for the offense committed by the perpetrators. The victim also described “ I am helpless, I could not rescue myself from the clutches of the terrorized situation and for this reason the instigator Khandakar Md. Samiuddin- Local Chairman of Banigram Union of Bankhali is responsible for this misery”. She also said “Police completely failed to arrest those four perpetrators because of full intervention of Khandakar Md. Samiuddin” So, the overall condition and atmosphere within the village where the victim living is not at all congenial and rather inimical.

Advocate Rabindra Ghosh and the Hindu Communities of Bangladesh Demand Justice from Crimes Against Hindus

Photo Courtesy of Advocate Rabindra Ghosh

Adv. Rabindra Ghosh
Founder President-Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW)
12, K.M. Das Lane, Tikatully, Wari P.S.,Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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