Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blasphemy Impact on Minorities from Pakistan On Foreign Shores Part 1 By Zemira Eli Natan

International Human Rights Activist Executive Director International Unity for Freedom and Equality
Zemira Eli Natan

"Religion is like a pair of shoes, find one that fits for you but don't force others to wear your shoes."

Non-Muslims cannot live safely and freely in Islamic lands.They have never had equal rights in Islamic lands. I have reviewed long surveys and have noticed that Pakistan is becoming a worse place to live for religious minorities,especially for Christians and Hindus. The Blasphemy law is a major source for attacking religious minorities in Pakistan. Pakistani Muslims do not regard Christians, Hindus  or other religious minorities as human beings. It is not important to have a religion other than being a Muslim in Pakistan.Living in Pakistan.There is no such thing as equal rights for Non-Muslims.If you are Non-Muslim, then the consequences are surely dangerous for you. Each day Christians receive many threats all over this world, but the majority of threats are  given by Islamic militants and the  Pakistani Government are one of a kind of Islamic state in which its constitution gives religious freedom to non-Muslims, but these rights only exist on paper. In Pakistan, Christians and other religious minorities are not considered citizens of the country. The Blasphemy law is AK-47 in Pakistan, and the government agencies provide these weapons to promote radicalism.Therefore, they can receive millions and millions of dollars to help claim that they have war against extremism. The whole drama opens when Christian and Hindu  young girls are abducted and no action is taken by any law enforcement.Christian businessmen were threatened to convert toIslam and Non-Muslim women are frequently raped,forced into marriages with Muslims for the purpose of converting them to Islam.At the workplace, everyday, Christians received dawat-e-Islam (invitation to convert to Islam).Life is very hard and it's difficult for all the minorities. Al Jazeera is a Muslim news network;however they do publish their special report about Christians living in fear under Pakistan's Blasphemy law.(Publish date:17/05/2014) Al Jazeera also stated that it is highly dangerous if any human rights organizations try to help them. They are also threatened by some extremist groups.

Recently Rashid Rehman, one human rights advocate was killed when he started supporting one Christian person Junaid who was accused of committing blasphemy. Advocate Rehman's co-worker Ali said despite the fact that it was difficult to prove blasphemy allegations, and lower court judges-often under threat themselves-felt pressure to convict.
  Who can help Christians and support them while the human rights organizations, lawmakers, and even the court judges are threatened?
If Christians become victims of blasphemy only death is waiting?
3 If some how these victims survive and succeed to escape from Pakistan,and land

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