Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blasphemy Impact On Minorities From Pakistan On Foreign Shores Part 3 By Zemira Eli Natan

There are 2 banners which present blasphemy law in Pakistan.  There are numbers of banners and posters all over in Pakistan regarding this matter. According to these banners it does not show that only Ahmadi's are in danger in Pakistan.This law applies to all minorities. Christians ,Hindus and all non-Muslims are the targeted prey of this extremism. It is known worldwide that the Netherlands is a free country with equal rights.Though in one survey I found IND(Immigratie-en Naturalisatiedienst) only considers Ahmadi as a victim of this black law instead of Christians and other minorities. Though this law applies in the same way. Whosoever is the victim of blasphemy cannot live or survive a single day in Pakistan in freedom. There are numerous Christians in Netherlands with whom I spoke.They explained to me that since they left Pakistan the situation became worse for their family and friends. Some names are given below of those who have been treated badly by IND,and Court. KamranSimonSaif,ManghtMasih,Kashif,
PastorSunny,Tariq,andShehzada These are some names which discriminate in asylum procedure in the Netherlands.Their stories show their life is in danger in Pakistan even though many churches,organizations even in some cases, Government of Pakistan also sent some documents but IND and court still declines their cases. Worldwide evaluation submitted a rank list in those countries where Christians are in danger and in 2014 Pakistanis on number 8 though in 2013 Pakistan was on number14. It can clearly be seen how rapidly in one year how much the threat in Pakistan to Christians and other religious minorities has increased. Please visit this link:

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