Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Muslim Populution Growth Giving Rise to Jihad By Arya Vishjveet Translated from Hindi

While the population of Muslims in a country/territory/region approximately 2% is around, then they are very secretive, as kanunpasand minority live and give a chance to the specific complaint, such as-
Us – Muslim 0.6%
Australia – Muslim 1.5%
Canada-Muslim 1.9%
China-Muslim 1.8%
Italy – Muslim 1.5%
Norway – Muslim 1.8%

When the Muslim population reaches between 2% to 5% is in other dharmavlambiyon, they can begin to "dharmaprachar", which are often dissatisfied with the lower section of the society and other religions, people, such as –
Denmark – Muslim 2%
Germany – Muslim 3.7%
UK – Muslim 2.7%
Spain – Muslim 4%
Ireland (Eire) – Muslim 4.6%

Up to 5% of the Muslim population when they increase pressure on other dharmavlambiyon according to the proportions seem to try your "impact" seem old-fashioned.
France-Muslim 8%
Philippines-Muslim 6%
Sweden – Muslim 5.5%
Svitjarlaind – Muslim 5.3%
Nidralaind – Muslim 5.8%
Trinidad and Tobago – Muslim 6%

Come on this point "Muslim" seem to make this pressure on Governments that their "areas" according to Sharia law (Islamic law) in the tread removed (because their final goal that the entire world go by Sharia "law"). When the Muslim population is more than 10%

Guyana – Muslim 10%
India – Muslim 15%
Israel – Muslim 16%
Kenya – Muslim 11%
Russia – Muslim 15% (70%) and Muslim Chechnya – population

When the Muslim population is up 20% to various "soldier its branches" are slogans of Jihad, intolerance and religious killings round gets started, as
Ethiopia – Muslim 32.8%

The population is 40% above the level of access to a large number of mass construction, low lying hatyaain, terrorist operations

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