Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Attack and Sabotage by Zemira Eli Natan

It seems our enemies cannot leave us in peace.   They think we will run and hide every time they Attack and Sabotage.  They know they cannot win in a real confrontation so they attack and sabotage.  What do they have better to do than to Attack and Sabotage?  A peaceful demonstration attended by 20,000 united Hindus, Sikhs, and Bhuddists that is publicized and recognized internationally is met with this kind of response.   Do they really think that we  do not know who they are?  We definitely know tbey are cowards .  We know for sure that they are such cowards that they cannot face any educated opposition toward their constant Attack and Sabotage.  Hindu Samhati,  our Courage,  our Strength  , our Action.  We know who you are exactly.  Our united power India and Israel.  That is who  we are !  We will never be silent in the face of such enemies who only know Attack and Sabotage.  Light penatrates all Darkness.   Our enemies can never be a match for our Courage,  our Strength and our Action.  Make no mistake we have victory already.  Why do we have victory? Because we are standing united for truth!   truth is akways revealed in the face of a lie.  We shall prevail despite our enemies who bomb, murder and hack. To  those who only Attack and Sabotage, Know this one detail.   Our  Courage ,  our Strength,  our Action,  our Bharat our Israel. WE ARE HERE TO STAY!

Zemira Eli Natan
Executive Director
International Unity for Equality

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